Golf course & practice facility

Golf course & practice facility

Golf facility is one of the main features of the Yard Resort. It provides quality space for your golf practice, including full-sized 6-hole golf course for your quick round. It is convenient for players of all skill levels, including families with children.


The practice area features 300m driving range. There are 10 protected hitting bays ready for your practice even during bad weather. The other side of the range is suited for more skilled players to hit the balls straight off the natural grass surface. The range is equipped with the ball servant integrated with the client system. You can pre-pay the deposit on your account and the balls will be automatically dispensed at your convenience using our Yard Resort or the Czech Golf Federation magnetic card at any time.

You can also use the fairway bunker just next to the right side of the driving range to practice shots from the fairway bunker, or practice the approach shots at pitching area for distances from 25 m to 85 m.

The area also provides 3 practice greens for pitching, chipping and putting.


The course was open back in 2011. It was extended in 2017 with three holes to make it standard 9 holes. It is EGA rated with the holes from 99 to 550 m providing various distances to test your golf skills. The competitions are held on regular basis so you can come and improve your handicap during one of the tournaments we run throughout the season.

The quality of the course is being continuously improved, we are adding some new obstacles, plant new trees and take care of turf's quality. Greens are of moderate speed ranking at about 8ft during the season.

In case you were interested, you can join our program and have your own tree planted with your name on it. Contact us at for more details.



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