Golf course & practice facility

Golf course & practice facility


Dear golfers, please find below the rules of our course:


  • Access to the practise area is only permitted after paying the access fee. When purchasing balls on the driving range or a green fee, the access is free of charge.
  • On the chipping greens it is not permitted to use your own balls. Please use balls dispensed at the driving range. 
  • Be considerate, do not disturb or endanger other players.
  • Keep the premises tidy.
  • Please practice only on areas designated for this purpose.
  • Rake the practise bunkers after use.
  • Do not enter areas marked as biozones.
  • Driving range balls are the property of Yard Resort Golf Club. Removing them from the premises is forbidden, such is playing these balls on the course.
  • In case of technical difficulties with the ball dispenser, please contact the reception.
  • Follow the instructions of the staff on premises. In case of non-compliance with the area rules, the player may be excluded from the game.
  • Do not leave any valuables in your vehicles on the parking lot.


  • The course is public and available for player both with and without a registered HCP
  • Access to the course is allowed only after making a reservations and paying the fees. 
  • The maximum number playing in a group is 4 players.
  • Keep the pace marked on the scorecard, after reaching 5 strokes above the hole par, do not finish the hole and please continue to the next hole.
  • It is strictly forbidden to play with range balls. 
  • Do not perform practice swings on the tee.
  • During practice rounds you may place your ball within a scorecard length of its position on the fairway.
  • Repair your divots and ball marks on the greens.
  • Rake the bunkers after use.
  • Do not play balls in close proximity of small trees up to 2m; in this case you are granted free drop.
  • You are granted a free shot in case you hit the HV overhead wires.
  • Do not enter areas marked as biozones.

CAUTION: Players and accompanying persons enter the golf course and practice area at their own risk. Any persons entering the area accept the full risks and hazards associated with the nature of the golf game including being injured by balls or clubs. Players themselves are responsible for any injuries or property damages and Yard Resort cannot be held liable in these cases.


Enjoy your game!


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